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Database Helps Batch Portfolio Credit Scoring

The MERit Credit Engine provides batch credit report retrieval for cost-effective SQL data mining and portfolio credit scoring

The MERit Credit Engine (MCE) performs high-speed, high-volume retrieval of credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, with on-site retention of the credit report data. SQL, XML, and file-based access to the data in bureau-neutral formats make it simple to quickly evaluate a portfolio based on credit scores and any other criteria. (Raw "system to system" data and bureau-specific report layouts can also be requested, where needed.)

Underwriters and managers appreciate the analytical importance of data stored by the MERit Credit Engine for portfolio scoring and its role in managing portfolio risk. Credit report data can originate from lower-cost overnight batch retrieval requests, or from historical credit data accumulated during the ongoing credit approval process of the institution.

Within the MCE database, opportunities can be identified for cross-selling to low-risk customers. High-risk customers can be targeted for more effective collection and delinquency management. Loan portfolios that are to be sold can be evaluated and priced more accurately with, for example, a credit score distribution. Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 benefit from rich analysis and statistical tools to assist the process.

The MERit Credit Engine further enhances profitability by eliminating transaction costs and the turnaround time of outsourcing. All data remains in-house, making it safe to test "blended" score models, those which combine credit bureau data with proprietary data of the enterprise.

MERit Credit Systems, Inc. ( is a leading provider of server-based online credit report retrieval software for businesses requiring quick and effective access to credit bureau information from the Equifax ISTS (Internet System to System service), Experian Net Connect, and Trans Union TUNA (Trans Union Net Access service.) The MCE is able to retrieve thousands of reports per hour and can generate XML or three bureau merged reports on-demand.

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