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XML Credit Reports Provide 3-Bureau Merge without  Transaction Charges

Merged XML credit report tools provided by MERit Credit Engine (MCE), from MERit Credit Systems.

Internet credit report access and multiple simultaneous connection features allow retrieval of thousands of consumer credit files per hour. Credit reports can be requested interactively or in batches directly from the national repositories. For volume users and companies expecting growth, the MERit Credit Engine is highly cost-effective because no transaction costs are added. Leased-line and dial-up connections are supported, subject to availability from the credit bureaus.

The MCE puts credit report data into standard database records. Task-relevant data is presented immediately, and any required data items can be used in custom scoring, routing, decision, or portfolio analysis systems. Complete reports can be rendered in XML, HTML, text, or results extracted from the SQL database for use in existing systems.

The MERit Credit Engine runs as an always-on background service. Integration is simplified across platforms and across the enterprise because requests and responses are handled the same way as other data, using standard ODBC, SQL, ActiveX, and/or XML technologies, with MS SQL 2000, IBM DB2, or Sybase.

Because it runs on the customerís own server, the MCE eliminates the worry of third-party system failures at critical times. Remote monitoring capabilities indicate system status at all times.

  • No additional transaction fees.
  • Bandwidth is saved by XML and Merged reports being generated locally.  Original bureau data arrives in small blocks, so even a DSL connection can deliver thousands of reports per hour.
  • MCE runs on a local server, eliminating concerns about third-party systems.
  • Industry standard XML formats,  MISMO and HR, are supported
  • In-use by credit card, employee screening, tenant screening, auto, medical, brokerages, retail, insurance, and collections companies, banking, federal student funding and state governmental agencies

MERit Credit Systems, Inc. ( is a leading provider of desktop and server-based credit report retrieval software to access credit information from Equifax, Experian (formerly TRW), and Trans Union

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