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Credit Report Interface Powers Insurance Quotes

Where credit reports can be used as part of the insurance underwriting process the MERit Credit Engine (MCE) provides instant retrieval of parsed credit reports reports in XML, SQL, and human-readable text formats. MCE is part of an integrated system at Unitrin Direct Insurance Company. Unitrin Direct (NYSE: UTR), a member of the Unitrin family of insurance companies, markets auto insurance directly to consumers through its call center and Internet website.

Traditionally, credit data is delivered as credit reports, difficult to analyze by humans, and difficult, as well, for custom software developers to parse. The MERit Credit Engine, in contrast, gets raw credit bureau data and converts it to standard XML and/or easily-to-access SQL database tables. Integrators can handle credit information as easily as other data within the enterprise.

Development time was an important factor. The MERit Credit Engine helped Unitrin's developers rapidly achieve  productivity. "MERit has been quick to respond to our requests. Their software was easy to install and integrate with our applications," said Blake Kennedy, senior vice president of IT and operations at Unitrin Direct.

MERit Credit Systems, Inc. ( is a leading provider of desktop and server-based online credit report retrieval software for businesses requiring quick and effective access to credit information from Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Its parent company, Tradewind Software, founded in 1983, is well known for custom and packaged applications involving data communications, with over 12 million end-user shipments for companies such as Rockwell International, Zenith Data Systems, Intel, IBM, EDS, Zoom Telephonics and Diamond Multimedia. Contact MERit Credit Systems at 626-963-8313.

Unitrin Direct ( is a member of the Unitrin family of insurance companies, headquartered in Chicago. Unitrin, Inc. member companies have served the basic financial needs of individuals, families and small businesses for more than 70 years. Through its subsidiaries, Unitrin provides property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance, and consumer finance services. The Unitrin family of companies currently has over $6 billion in assets, over 6 million insurance policies in force and more than 100,000 consumer finance customers. Unitrin's companies employ over 7,400 associates. For more information about Unitrin Direct Insurance Company, contact Marc Zeitlin, SVP Marketing, at 877-506-6222.

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