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Middleware for IBM DB2 Provides Credit Reports

System integrators have the option to use IBM DB2 for credit reports as an alternative to Microsoft's SQL 2000 Server when implementing the MERit Credit Engine, a leading middleware solution for credit bureau access. DB2 has become the fastest growing relational database on the market today.

The Merit Credit Engine is credit report middleware. Front-end applications control the user interface, formatting of credit bureau information, credit scoring, and decisionning. Bureau connectivity, authentication, authorization, storage, and parsing of credit report data is handled by the middleware. Development and deployment times have been significantly reduced with the addition of DB2 support, including the new XML and tri-merge credit report capabilities.

The MERit Credit Engine (MCE) satisfies a mission-critical need for companies developing systems that require credit report data from Experian, Equifax, and/or Trans Union. It operates using a MS SQL Server or IBM DB2 database, and allows implementers to retain control of their entire system, without added per-transaction costs, including merged XML reports.

The MCE requests raw data from credit reporting agencies, parses it to a standard format, and inserts the subject's file into the local database to simplify analysis and integration. The XML capabilities take the standardization to another level, allowing the data to be shared by participants in a loan transaction, within a network or across the Web.

MERit Credit Systems, Inc. ( is a leading provider of desktop and server-based online credit report retrieval software for businesses requiring quick and effective access to credit information from Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Supporting TCP/IP, leased lines, dial-up, and internet connectivity, including opening multiple simultaneous sockets to each bureau, and delivering thousands of reports an hour.


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